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Man getting hair cut with clippers

Where Grooming Meets Luxury, Your Ultimate Barber Experience.

Get The Perfect Look Every Time

Our Story

Our vision is to create the best experience and the most tailored services to inspire confidence in our clients. Your style may be consistent or variable, but regardless, our aims have always been to provide the results you need, with the best quality service possible.

Not the average Friendswood Barber shop, Maritza and her staff have experience in most every kind of grooming services, from big name salons to niche stylist business and more. We understood the most fundamental and powerful needs of our clients, education, feedback and personalization, with that we set out to provide the perfect solutions for each person here at Ritz Barber Lounge & Spa.

Ritz Barber Lounge Barber Chair, Mirror, barber tools


Beard Maintenance

Get your whole look right, don't neglect your beard when you have great hair. We help you maintain your bear to it's fullest.

Straight Razor Shave

As masters of the blade, you can rest assure that your lines will be clean and sharp with our straight razor shaves.

Cut & Style

Classic service, with a Ritz touch. We treat your hair like your always going to a special event where your the main attraction.

Gray Blending

For those that want a more consistent color, we offer gray blending that elevates your look and keeps it natural.

Clippers Cut

Your hair and style are what we are here for, sometimes you don't need the intricate styles, so get it done with clippers.

Shampoo & Massage

You know that to maintain healthy hair, you need a healthy scalp and product to moisturize, that's where shampoos and massages come in.


Ritz Barber shop banner and barber stations


At Ritz Barber Lounge & Spa, every session begins with a detailed consultation to understand your unique style preferences and hair care needs. This ensures we provide a service that is tailored to you, enhancing your personal style and boosting your confidence.

Ritz Experience

Experience the epitome of a luxury experience at Ritz Barber Lounge & Spa. Immerse yourself in an ambiance of sophistication, enjoy personalized services from skilled barbers, and savor the comfort of our premium facilities. It's not just a haircut - it's a journey of style transformation and indulgence.

Expert Barbers

Meet our team of expert barbers, masters in the art of grooming. Their skillful hands and eye for detail ensure precision in every haircut and beard trim, shave, and style. Stay ahead of trends or embrace classic looks - their extensive knowledge and experience guarantee your satisfaction.

Recommended through a local Facebook group and must have driven past a thousand times (in the corner next to Perrys). Great find! Relaxed environment and an attention to detail and service from Maritza. Listened to me, gave feedback. Great experience. Most importantly the cut is well done and lasts!

JL Wilson

First time customer and I have to say I’ll be back. Great haircut and an amazing shave! Maritza is a master of the blade. Best shaving experience by far.

Ricardo Rodriguez

I was looking for someone to cut my hair and read the reviews here and decided to try them. I set up an appointment with Maritza and she did a great job. They were friendly, on time (I made the appointment online), prices were reasonable and cut hair well. What more can you ask?

Morgan Massie

What They're Saying About Us

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