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Do you only serve men?

Not at all! We serve men, women and children. While we provide some services particular to men, such as shaves and waxes, we also serve women who need haircuts, coloring and styling services as well. As of right now this is reserved to Mondays only.

Are you open on Sundays and Mondays?

We are open 7 days a week for the convenience of anyone needing our services on a given day. Our hours of operation are maintained regularly on Google and Vagaro, our booking platform of choice.

Do you offer military or first responder discounts?

Yes, we  support our military and first responders with a special discount. Please request your discount with your barber. Thank you for your service!

What is your walk-in policy?

We understand the difficulties of committing to a time and not always being able to keep it. Which is why we have special walk-in hours that we block off for convenience of anyone with an erratic schedule. Those hours are Monday through Wednesday from 4 to close, and Saturday from 2 to close.

Do you have handicap accessibility?

Yes, we are a handicap accessible business and can accommodate wheelchairs within our space and includes bathroom accessibility as well.

Have another question?

Please reach out to our staff either by calling the number below or email for the quickest response, thank you.

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